Freelance 3D Artist

HyperStat Product Teaser by 75f

I was asked by 75f to create a 30 second teaser animation for their new home and office app controlled thermostat system. We wanted to start in complete darkness and have the lighting reveal the device, in order to build on mystery and add brighter and wider shots. I suggested using the lighting display illuminate like some sort of aircraft runway. This teaser was to debut on the companies webcast.

This animation was rendered at 1080p resolution. I used 3ds Max for the animation, previz, timing and I then exported it all to Octane for rendering. I used layered 3d bit .EXR's for compositing in After Effects.

HyperStat Previz Animation

Below is the previz animation complete with my notes overlayed on top of the footage. Often times, the previz animations cause the storyboard to change somewhat, as was the case with this animation. However, the general flow and concept stayed the same.

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