Roman Coppola wanted me to create a sort of neo-air brushy styled array of Coppola wines that would be used on billboards, print, or other types of media. One of the ideas here was to give a hint of the brand, without being too direct or showy. The second idea was that because all these shots would be taken from still shots from a video (the video hadnt been rendered yet) the bottles needed to look like they were falling through space while slightly rotating or spinning.

I modeled each of the unique bottles and mapped them with 4000 x 4000 pixel displacement maps, and used scanned wine lables also scanned and mapped at 4K. I built custom HDRI softboxes in Photoshop for the lighting. I used a z-depth pass, displacement, diffuse pass, and five lighting passes. Everything was composited in After Effects.

Coppola Claret

coppola claret bottle rendering

Coppola Shiraz

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