Dominos Delivery Van Concept Illustrations | Roman Coppola & Duffy Culligan

I got a call from The Directors Guild, from Roman Coppola's office, and they wanted me to illustrate from interior to exterior a Dominos Pizza Delivery vehicle, something that was similar to the The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile, and would have the same instant brand recognition. In the case above, Dominos wanted to design a fleet of delivery vehicles that could be used for home delivery and events. I was hired to use a 1960's ad style for the renderings. When you have a lot of renderings, this process becomes more of a challenge.

The general exterior is pretty obvious, a rolling Domino's logo. The forward dome is interesting, its colored with that same material that is used for bus advertisements, that can cover windows while giving a clear drivers view. The side drivers and passengers windows are one of the dots in the domino, and are able to open can close. The entry door is a slider, and cargo door opens to reveal the pizza racks, which can be accessed from the interior.

Environmental View

X-Ray Views and interior features

Vehicle Dimensions

Raw Model Views