Flossmor Floss Dispenser

Flossmor, the first hands-free floss dispenser. The collaboration of Dr. Bobby Lam and Rex Gabel R.D.H. two dental professionals with over 30 years of combined experience have created an innovative approach to flossing. We engaged in producing a product that can revolutionize the relationship people have with floss. A key component of dental professionals is to educated and inform. Flossmor gives us the opportunity to advance the message into action. We now have a physical device that can create an ongoing habit that will better the life of people around the globe. We believe Flossmor will change the landscape of oral health.

This product was modeled in 3ds Max 2014 and Rhinoceros 5 (NURBS and engineering surfaces), and rendered the various scenes with a mixture of V-Ray, Octane and Maxwell.

For the Flossmor floss dispenser design project I acted as industrial designer, creative problem solver, statistics and demographics researcher, rendering and lighting lead, and logo designer.

flossmor, dispenser, machine, dental office design
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