Lollie Square Plates | Iduol Beny

I built this model that was needed for testing and ergonomic analysis. The designer, Iduol Beny had various styles of this plate system, one perfectly spherical, and one as seen above, perfectly cubic. The end model was produced by Dupont to show another use of Corian, and that it could be cast into any configuration. This was a moderately complex piece to model with drafted interlocking plates that were specifically keyed. I built this model using Rhino, and the surfaces were exported as .STP's.

Here you can see a cutaway view of the plate joints and how they all fit together. This is something I do to all prototype models to show the detailing and fitment to the client. Before we commit to building, we want to make sure the tolerances are correct. I used Bento boxes as my design guide for building the feet and joints.

A simplified view of the interior keying surfaces and how they interlock.

Here is the plate layout as would be seen as laid out on a tabletop. When the plates are stored, they stack back into the cube, which can be left in the open as a decorative piece.

Spline and curve views of the various pieces. The total build time, counting practice files would be about eighty hours. I usually build a test model for research and development purposes for myself, and trash that version when I perfect the modeling concept.

Wireframe curve views of the plates. Here you can see the numerical order of the plates. Each one has a number for helping the person stacking them put them in order. The top most plate has no number, so that would be plate 'zero'. From the bottom you can see six though one. This proved to be the most effective way of assembly.