Freelance 3D Artist

Neato Robotics App Animation

I created this conceptual animation for Neato Robotics for the new and upcoming app to control and operate their vacuum robot. My idea, was to show the conceptual birth of the app, using a pollinator, the crystal double sided pyramid, and the pollen and interactive element, being the crystal ball. I wanted that all to take place in something that looked like a womb filled with diamond floating stalactites, which became moving background elements. Imagine trying to pitch that idea.

This animation was rendered at 1080p resolution. I used 3ds Max for the animation, previz, timing and I then exported it all to Octane for rendering. I used layered 3d bit .EXR's for compositing in After Effects.

And for these shots below, I created a series of Instagram square format interior shots of the vacuum robot in operation.

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